Virtual Keyboard - FAQs for Retail and Corporate Users

State Bank of India aims to provide you a safe and secure environment to perform online banking. In this direction, we have introduced the option of Virtual Keyboard.

The Virtual Keyboard is an onscreen keyboard which provides a mouse based alternative, for keying in your username and password, instead of using the actual physical keyboard.

The virtual keyboard is an additional precautionary measure and protects you against malicious key logger programs which might have infected your computer.

A key logger program can capture the keystrokes you enter in the physical keyboard to login. Such a program may be accessing your PC without your knowledge or permission.

A virtual keyboard prevents your username or password from being stolen, especially while using public computers, such as those available in Internet cafes. Also, the sequence in which the keys appear will change everytime the page is refreshed.

Use the mouse to enter the alphabets and numbers in your username and password by clicking on the keys of the Virtual Keyboard.

Caps Lock On : Use this button to change case when entering the lower and upper case letters in your username and password. You can "switch on" or "switch off" this button. Since Internet Banking usernames and passwords are case-sensitive, please ensure that you are aware of this "difference" when entering your password.

Clear : Use this button to clear a field if you have entered characters incorrectly.

No. You can use the normal keyboard or the combination of both normal and virtual keyboard also.

State Bank of India aims to provide you a safe and secure environment to perform online banking. The virtual keyboard is one such feature. Please ensure that no other person is glancing, peeping at your computer screen while you are keying in your username and password through the virtual keyboard.


As a security measure, access will be disabled for the day, after three unsuccessful login attempts.