OnlineSBI on Mobile - FAQ  

1. What is "Mobile OnlineSBI"?

It is our internet banking service optimized for mobile browsers. You can connect to us at This service is available for Retail, Khata and Saral users.

2. What are the services available at "Mobile OnlineSBI"?

At present, these services are available:...

  • IMPS Transfer.New
  • Intra-Bank/Inter-Bank, Credit Card (VISA) Bill Pay and IMPS Transfer to already activated beneficiaries with One Time Password (OTP).
  • SBI e-flexi Deposits
  • New Pension System (NPS) Contribution
  • Recurring Deposits e-RD
  • Bill Payments to already registered billers
  • Instant Term Deposits – e-TDR/e-STDR
  • Fund Transfer to own accounts
  • View Account Balance
  • View Mini Statement

Other services would be introduced gradually!


3. Can I make Intra-Bank/Inter-Bank/Credit Card (VISA) transfer with OTP and what is the daily limit through this mobile site?

User can now perform Intra-Bank/Inter-Bank/Credit Card (VISA) and IMPS transfer with One Time password (OTP) through this site (, provided user has set "Enable High Security" to "Yes" at the "Profile" section of our desktop site In case "Enable High Security" is set to "No", users would be able to transact up to Rs. 10,000 per day without OTP. However, if the limit of Rs. 10,000 is exceeded, then OTP will be mandatory to complete the transaction....


Daily Limit through Mobile OnlineSBI:

Intra-Bank, Inter-Bank, Credit Card (VISA) Bill Pay and IMPS Funds Transfer Up to a cumulative of Rs. 50,000 per user
NPS contribution Up to Rs. 50,000 per user

Note: Transfer can be made only to those beneficiary A/c(s), which are activated through our desktop website Addition and activation of new beneficiaries can happen only through our desktop site (


4. How to register for "Mobile OnlineSBI" services?

No separate registration is required for accessing users of can use this service with their existing username and password.

5. Can I access from multiple mobile phones or only one mobile phone?

"Mobile OnlineSBI" is accessible from any mobile phone having internet connectivity. The rendering will generally be better on a smart phone.


6. What are the requirements for accessing "Mobile OnlineSBI"?

The mobile device should have the following:

  • A web browser.
  • Internet connectivity like GPRS/EDGE/3G/Wi-Fi.
  • Java Script enabled on the web browser.

7. What are the charges for availing this service?

Like the regular (desktop) version of OnlineSBI, this version is also free. Please consult with your telecom operator about the internet usage charges.

8. Which mobile phones are supported for "Mobile OnlineSBI"?

While it is our endeavour to make "Mobile OnlineSBI" supported on most Internet enabled handsets, you may experience issues with some handsets in logging into the site. Kindly provide your feedback on such issues by raising a ticket under "Customer Care" after logging into


Some of the common mobile OS include:

  • Symbian (S60 5th Edition OS)
  • Android (OS 2.1 or above)
  • BlackBerry (OS 5.0 or above)
  • Windows (OS 5.0 or above)
  • iPhone (IOS 6 or above)

9. Are there Mobile OnlineSBI application available on Mobile Application Stores?

Mobile OnlineSBI is not available as an official downloadable application at major application stores like Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Blackberry App World, and Windows Market Place. Please validate the authenticity of such applications with the Bank before downloading such applications. Visit for a detailed list of official applications of State Bank of India, by clicking on "Official Applications" link under "Other Services".

10. How secure is "Mobile OnlineSBI"?

Mobile OnlineSBI is as secure as our regular Internet Banking platform.

  • No personal information is stored on your mobile phone or SIM card.
  • Mobile OnlineSBI can only be accessed after proper authentication of customer username and password.
  • Strong 256 bit SSL encryption to protect your communication with the Bank is used.
  • Your session ends as soon as you close your mobile browser.

11. What are the security measures/steps to be adopted while using Mobile OnlineSBI?

"Mobile OnlineSBI" is VeriSign certified indicating that your communications with the Bank is completely safe and secure. However, one must follow the "Dos" and "Don'ts" while using site: ...

  • Always check the URL as to access "Mobile OnlineSBI" from your mobile devices.
  • Clear data from your browser cache and cookies frequently.
  • Log out of your internet banking session by clicking on the button "Logout".
  • Always exit/close the browser after logging out.
  • Disable the auto capture and storing of your user credentials by the mobile browser while logging into "Mobile OnlineSBI".
  • Have anti-virus software installed on your mobile device and update its signature regularly.
  • Exercise caution and validate authenticity, before downloading applications from application stores of Apple, Google, Windows, and Blackberry etc.
  • Do not download unauthorized or unofficial applications in the name of State Bank of India from application stores of Google, Apple, Windows, Blackberry and Samsung etc. Check its authenticity with the Bank before using them.
  • Never store your user id and passwords in your mobile devices.
  • Do not click on any link on third party websites or email/SMS to access "Mobile OnlineSBI".
  • Do not click on "Back" button on the mobile browser to go back. Instead use the navigation links on the website to go back and forth.
  • Do not enter your user ID and passwords on any third party websites apart from and

12. Suggestions/Queries?

Please raise a ticket under the category "OnlineSBI on Mobile" by logging in our Internet Banking Portal Our customer support executives will provide the necessary assistance.