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STATE BANK OF INDIA (Supply Chain Finance)

Electronic Vendor Financing Scheme (e-VFS ) and Electronic Dealer Financing Scheme (e-DFS)

State Bank of India introduces Supply Chain Finance by leveraging its state of the art technology for the convenience of the customers. SCF will strengthen the relationship of SBI with the Corporate World by financing their supply chain partners.

Under Supply Chain Finance Unit we have established an online platform for financing the Supply Chain partners of various reputed Corporate. The online platform can be accessed through Online SBI portal:

Supply Chain Finance

A Web based platform which:

  • Provides convenient paperless banking.
  • Ensures Real time online transfer of funds and MIS.
  • Is fully customizable as per your business requirement.
  • Is capable of being fully integrated with Corporate Enterprise Resource Planning Software (ERP)/SAP.

We offer two products on the supply chain to cater to the needs of both vendors and dealers:

  • Electronic Vendor Financing Scheme (e-VFS): Financing Vendors/Suppliers for their receivables from Corporate buyers which are Industry Majors (IMs). The Corporate buyers can upload the details of invoices raised by their Vendors on our Bank's online platform which results in instant credit to Vendor account.
  • Electronic Dealer Financing Scheme (e-DFS): Financing Dealers for their purchases from Corporate Sellers. Corporate Sellers make online requests to our Bank's online platform for debiting dealer's account by providing details of invoices raised on their Dealers which results in immediate credit to Corporate seller's account.

All our product offerings under Channel Finance are designed to ensure efficient management of working capital cycle and sustained growth and profitability of business partners.


Buyer Seller Bank
Reduce the cost of goods purchased Reduce the cost of capital through improved Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and lower finance costs. Build stronger, collaborative relationships with customers.
Reduce working capital requirements through improved Days Payable Outstanding (DPO) Generate flexible, predictable cash flow Enhance customer retention
Enjoy a more stable supply base Gain access to low-cost finance rates. Increase bottom line by supporting customers’ entire supply chain from end to end.

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